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About Me

My mother tells a story about when I was young, I would carry around family photo albums. This is how she explains my photography obsession. I personally wouldn't attribute my fondness for photography to some profound childhood moment. However, it was always there rearing its head on periodic field trips and family vacations. 

I didn't major in Photography or any other creative arts field. I actually received my Bachelors in Recreation and Parks Administration and if that wasn't enough to pave my way to success I decided emphasize on public/non-profit organizations. After my internship and a $15,000 realization that most Parks and Recreation directors were maintenance workers at one point, I jumped from one job to another. One in which I met my wife and then moved to Florida with her five kids.

Five kids equals plenty of photo opportunities and once I persuaded my wife to let me buy a dslr, my new passion was born, well, sort of. I was currently into woodworking at the time. Just a quick look into my eccentricities, I can hypnotize with you a balloon animal in a chair that I made and then take a picture. 

But all those hobbies have faded except for one and for obvious reasons, the kids are still here. Through their sacrifice, I have become the photographer I am today. Always wanting to try something new and have fun doing it.